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Show Room

Here is our place to show off some of the custom built project we have completed as well as some of the key facts about each of the projects

The Swansea Waterfront Museum

This building was commisioned for the Swansea Railway Modellers Club for their O-gauge layout of the Swansea south docks. The building is an impressive 2.2m long, excluding the awrnings and 0.45m wide. It was designed such that the roof and upfloors could be removed to show the activity that would be going on below. To make it possible to transport this building it is divided into 3 sections. The building also contains 1035 individual peices of acrylic (glass) in the windows, 66 doors and 15 individually cast coloumns. The building took approximatly 3 months from the first design stages until completion. 

Swansea Hydraulic Pumping Sation

The model for the Swansea Hydraulic Pumping Station was made for the Swansea Railway Modellers Club O-gauge South dock layout. The model includes the 100ft tall chimney, fully opening doors, coal in the bunker and glazed windows. The roof also comes off all three sections so that models can be placed inside to show how the building was used. A detailed account of the construction of the model can be found on our blog