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Christmas and the SRMG show

Its been a while since the last update on the progress of the pump house but with the run up to Christmas this is a particularly busy time of year for our little business and as a result this large project has been sat on the back burner for the last 2 months. Hopefully over the Christmas period we aim to start getting the first of the roofs on the the building.

In the mean time here are a few photos from the Swansea Railway Modellers Group show at the National Waterfront Museum

Pump house - 1 week before

Its now just 1 week till the Swansea Railway Modellers Group show in the National Waterfront Museum and pump house is starting to look more and more like a finished building. We have been concentrating (mostly) on getting all the brickwork finished and anything else we can do will be a bonus. The brickwork and top pieces that make up the chimney were the first on the list:

The next step was to get the last of the brickwork cut and painted for the base of the the chimney.

The chimney became the first fully finished part of the building and is ready for the show. The brickwork on the main building is almost finished now as well with just the base for the accumulator tower and the coal bunker to finish.
To take a slight detour from painting brickwork we decided to cut and assemble the windows for the boiler room. These are such a small detail but we really think it makes the building come alive.

Pump house chimney

The next step was to get the pieces that would form the shape of the original chimney cut and assembled. There is not a lot of information on the chimney having been taken down after WWII due to becoming unstable after the bombing of Swansea docks. There is only 1 photo graph of the chimney in place and some of the original plans.

The total height of the original chimney was 100' height with the majority of that height being made up of a octagonal shaped stack which narrows towards the top. The start of preparing the brickwork section of the chimney and the top piece making it up to its full height.

Pump House Continued

Progress on the pump house is progressing nicely, and with just 10 full days to get as much of the building finished as possible.

The painting of the brickwork around the arches and corners of the building is taking up a lot of time but the results we think are more than worth the extra effort to get the final building looking just right.

The next big step for the building while the brickwork was still being finished was to get the first floors into the original engine house and the extension including the cut away sections of the floors to allow for models of the pump engines that sat there to be put in at a later date.

Next step was to get the chimney drawn out and some of the detailing cut and assembled.

Start of the pump house brick work

We found we had two extra helpers inspecting the pump house yesterday.

We have also begun work on the brickwork. The first bits of the base layer have been cut and engraved.

Just need to paint in the details and it will be ready to start assembling and getting the outer layer cut out.

Pump house base walls

Over the last two evenings we finished most of the base walls for the pump house, including the boiler room, the first part of the engine house and the accumulator tower. The walls were all cut from 3mm mdf to provide the structure on which the detailing will be attached.

Over the weekend we hope to finish the base walls and make a start on the brickwork. We will get some more photos up Sunday night.

Pump house foundations

Last week we took a trip to the West Glamorgan Archives to take a look at some of the original plans for the Pump House at Swansea South dock. We have been busily looking over the note and picture we took and construction work on the model building is under way.

The first stage of our construction was to cut all of the foundation boards that the building would be built on.

The next stage is to get the structural layers for the walls and floors into place before we start work on the brickwork detailing.

First Post

Welcome to another new feature of our website

This Blog will allow you to see inside the works of BSD Hobbies at the latest big builds and projects.

The first project we will have for you to follow is the building of the Swansea Hydraulic Pumping Station in O gauge. We have just begun researching the building and obtaining drawing, photos and plans which we will use to make our designs.